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A Day in the Life of a TTTK Scholarship Winner

Blog Post created by Laurel Bishop on Sep 19, 2011

Well today is Monday, September 19th...I arrive at school around 7:00 am.  Once I get to school, I start my morning routine...turn on shop lights, check email, walk to main office to sign in, check mailbox, and fill my water cup for the day.  After that, I run a few copies for my student teacher.  Yes, you read that right...I have a student teacher this year!  It is a new and exciting experience...but a little bit scary for me as well.  I haven't been teaching that long and I certainly don't feel like I have all the answers.  I will do the best I can to help her as she embarks on this new experience.


More about my day...after making copies it is time for hall duty to begin.  Every morning when our buses unload we have to be stationed in the halls to make sure the little darlings get to class on time!  I teach at Dinwiddie Jr. High School, which is 8th and 9th grades.  If we don't usher the students to class, they will socialize allllll day long!  After hall duty, it is time for class to begin.  Today, my 9th grade students are learning about Virginia Agriculture, including the different regions and major commodities for each region.  We begin by coloring a map of the 5 different regions.  When I break out the colored pencils, my 9th graders light's better than Christmas when they get to color!   After they color their map, we take notes on the geography of each region and major commodities in each region.  We discuss why some of these commodities are best suited to each region.


Then we move on to 2nd period, which is my 8th graders.  I find 8th graders are far more challenging than my 9th graders.  My student teacher is teaching a lesson today on leadership opportunities in the FFA.  As part of her class requirements, I start off by video taping part of her lesson for her.  She leads the students in a discussion on qualities of leaders and the different officer responsibilities in FFA.  She then has them complete a worksheet using the handout they received on officer responsibilities.  She also has them take notes on leadership opportunities other than officer positions.  There are many special education students in this class and it requires a slower approach so they can grasp the material as well.  3rd period is also 8th grade.  This class can be a handful and keeps both my student teacher and I on our toes!  Thankfully, today is fairly uneventful.


4th Period is planning period.  Today, I meet with my principal about our upcoming trip to National Convention.  I also touch base with some of my students to see if they are able to attend the convention.  Additionally, I make some copies and work on a study guide for my 9th graders for class tomorrow.  My student teacher and I sit down to discuss how her lesson went today and what she did well as well as what she can improve on.  At 2:30, I head to the hallway for afternoon bus duty.  After school today we have a faculty meeting...and we have been warned ahead of time that it will be lengthy.  I feel a nap coming when I finally make it home!