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Lets Talk CHINO!

Posted by Patrick Wellert Sep 27, 2012

Hey everyone!


I am Patrick Wellert and I am the advisor for Chino Valley FFA and agricultural instructor at Chino Valley High School. I have taught at this school since college graduation for the last 11 years! I really love my job and working with the students here. Our town is still strong in agriculture but like many areas that is giving way to urban development. We have a lot of new homes that have been built in the last few years and it should resume again once teh economy bounces back. One of our larger markets is retail and we have a lot of people that commute to the nearby town of Prescott. Chino Valley FFA has a lot of fun and I am attaching a picture of our recent trip to the State FFA Leadership Conference where we had a state finalist in speaking and agriscience fair state winners as well. The gal pictured recently graduated and texted me that her college professors are teaching her what she learned in my ag class and in her speech which made me feel pretty awesome!



My name is Patrick Wellert and I will be just blogging about the day today!


I was evaluated by my admin today and man was it exciting! I was demoing website and having students manage their SAEs. It was really important for me to remember to check for understanding during the lesson. I did thsi by using mini whitebaords that the students each had. I also had them do the thumbs up and down method!


I also just got done discussing with a student their leadership role in the FFA program and how they need to be a good example of what an FFA student should be to the younger members sharing lunch with him. (He was using the air hose in the shop to make funny faces with)


Well lunch is over will blog later! Remember  to make time for your family and to have fun at what you do!



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