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That is right ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls alike, I have found it to be a good idea to chase down this field of Ag Ed and have not turned back since. I am actually getting to practice what it means to be an Ag teacher. I have come along way from being a suburban kid with to much time on his hand and swore up and down that I was going to be the next Jerry Seinfeld. But then I found a love that has yet to let me down. Agriculture. You see I wasn't as privileged as some of you folks who were raised in an agriculture background, but I knew that I loved the outdoors. I knew that cutting grass was not a chore, but rather an art and it was from here I began to explore the big world of agriculture and the FFA. Fast forward and through 3 years of life changing Ag courses in high school, and I had one of those "duh huh" moments. I must share this big world of agriculture to the other suburbanites that I once was closely associated with. I must tell them of this magical field where you don't have to be in an office, you don't have to get stuck in a cubicle and you can actually do something physically constructive. Fast forward again 4 years of butt kicking college and here I am standing in front of a classroom, and to be honest, it is surreal that I am actually putting all of those facts and test and training to work. I am currently a "tAGpole". Get it? It took me 3 weeks to come up with that joke. But in all seriousness teaching has been so much fun, but has managed to kill off a creature that was rampant in my life. Free Time. But that is for the best, because in that boredom is no longer an issue. For those unaware (which basing off my audience here you are all to aware) teaching has been a host for the most rewarding and frustrating moments in my entire existence on this beautiful Earth. I get to help students reach that epiphany and I can watch those gears start turning and connections being made. I also have seen the challenges that come along with this occupation. It is no cake walk, but its all I would ever want to do. As the AGbassador (that one is only a week old) of the South, I wish Y'all a great week, and I am excited to join the ranks of the Educators of Agriculture.

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