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If we do not change ourselves, someone else will change us - for us.         Which do you prefer?


I have always wanted to believe that the best way to influence the future was to invent it. Working hard, see what is coming around the bend and prepare to be there first.  It's what brought our program to create a $26,000 aquaponic unit to raise lettuce for the school cafeteria. We think it's the next growth place in agriculture, using less land and less water to create high quality protein and greens in about any location.

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It's why we have invested so much time and effort in CASE curriculum to improve the rigor and relevance of my classroom instruction. Just yesterday an inquisitive youth in my class asked about how I used to teach in relation to a comment I had made. So I showed him...  "Angus cattle, brought to the United States between 1878 and 1883... smacks board with ruler... Next Slide... Hereford Cattle, from Herfordshire, England --- the English are so original with their names... (Insert laugh track here).... the look of horror on his face was almost priceless.

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We have been an affiliated chapter since the pilot program however many years ago(8 to 10?). 100% membership and 100% SAE -- every class, every kid, every day.


I'm finished picking winners and losers, I want to spend my time empowering every student to improve themselves in some way thru Agriculture Education. If they all do a little, it turns into a lot.  We aren't perfect and we have lots of gaps to fill. But I'm willing to change what it is that I do and our program does in order to chase that goal. Fortune favors the bold.


As we amble along these next 6 months, we have a lot of deciding to do.  There will be more decisions in the next 12 to 18. We may need to take some hard looks at what is we do and what it is we want to be. Spend some time and really evaluate US. Because if we don't... we may not get the chance too.


There once was a dream that was Rome....

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