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Matt Eddy

And the learning goes on.

Posted by Matt Eddy Apr 21, 2017

Voracious. Insatiable. Unquenchable. Compulsive. Eager. Ravenous.


One key characteristics that I find in all of the educators that I put into my 'good' category is their desire to learn more about their profession and hone their skills.  Continuing to learn as part of a any profession is key to your potential success. It may be the most important key to success in the field of education.


These couple days in Minneapolis, CASE LEAD Teachers have gathered to continue to sharpen the saw.  Not only is this work vital to producing effective Curriculum Institutes in the summer to help train new instructors in CASE, but it also has intrinsic benefits to our classrooms when we return home.


Besides curriculum planning, learning about new CASE updates and progresses, we had a great in-service by Drew Perkins from -- on questioning in Inquiry-based Instruction.  This is a key element to the CASE model and we really enjoyed spending a good amount of time reflecting and defining best practices in questioning techniques. QFT - Question Formatting Technique -- was a great addition to our CASE toolbox and will reap benefits for other teachers and our students for years to come.


When you consider your professional learning - let the thirst for knowledge engulf you and consume your drive for improvement.


Non scholae sed vitae discimus

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