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Matt Eddy

In with the new...

Posted by Matt Eddy Aug 23, 2016

The first day of school always holds a certain promise.  I'm a huge fan of potential and today is like my own little special holiday.


I wish everyone a happy first day of school - last week, this week or next.


Things I have shipped in new this year:

Electric Pencil sharpener -- it's amazing how the little things make a big difference.

250 Barramundi - New year, new fish.

Reagents for green Fluorescent Protein Chromatography - Who doesn't?

A box of day old Casey's donuts -- cause they are better than the new ones.

Monitor splitter -- 2 screens are better than 1.

MasterTag catalog for 2017

one new travel bag for my computer


and a bunch of new students brimming with potential.


Have a great one - ME

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