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Wes Crawford

Lost and Found

Posted by Wes Crawford Jun 17, 2016

Greetings Ag Teachers.  After a few...years...of build up, I have finally had time at the end of the school year to conduct a deep(ish) clean of the SHS Ag Room.  As such, a number of items have been discovered amongst the layers, file cabinets, desk drawers, countertops, etc - mainly around/in my desk.  Please review to see if any of these items below belong to you.  What's that?  It wouldn't make sense for you to have lost items in my room?  Well, it doesn't make sense for several of these items to be in my classroom, but here we are. 

For your yard sale shopping pleasure:

  • One Christmas Tree Stand.
  • Twelve inch carving knife.  I think my TAs borrowed it from somewhere else in the school.  I am not sure why.  And now I am wondering from where...
  • One red prom dress, in a Loft bag.  Not making this stuff up folks.
  • Two travel coffee cups, used.  I don't drink coffee, so...
  • Cardboard box containing 74 individual packages of Sun Chips.
  • Nine commemorative water bottles.  All take-home items from various events.
  • Five really important required Professional Development binders.  Contents: unknown.  But pristine condition.
  • Four cell phone charger cords.  I'm guessing some kids are missing those.
  • Algebra I textbook, US History textbook, Civics textbook.  Because that makes sense.
  • Lesson planners, 2005-2007.  Owner:  Veril predecessor.
  • One tape dispenser, labeled 'High School Office'.  Except it's not my high school office's.  Pleading the Fifth.
  • Training spur, left boot.
  • Pair of black Romeos.  Not the same size.
  • Two wall chargers for rechargeable batteries.  Batteries not included.  Seriously, don't know where they are.
  • SHS End of Year Teacher Check Out Sheet, 2013-2014.  Wait, never mind.  That's mine.

Feel free to inquiry if you wish to claim one of these items.  I am rather curious as to where the prom dress came from.

Enjoy the summer!  Make it count.

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