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Jessie Lumpkins

I rest my CASE...

Posted by Jessie Lumpkins Jul 8, 2015

I've mentioned before that I love Instagram, and my new social media love is a little thing called Snapchat. Snapchat lets you send pictures or video to friends that last up to 10 seconds, or post them directly to your "story", only to disappear within 24 hours. I realized that Snapchat is an appropriate analogy for my summer so far. I've had some amazing "snappable" moments that are over now, but they've left their mark on me in the best way possible. (Most of my summer adventures so far have involved CASE. Never heard of it? Check out some info here.)


Early in June, I loaded up my CRV (which I lovingly named Idabel) and drove 11 hours to McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana for CASE AFNR. There I met up with Karen Van De Walle, a friend I made last summer at my first CASE Institute. (Josh Day was the other lead teacher, also amazing!) I lucked out when I got her as my co-lead teacher. For those who have gone through CASE or similar intense PD, you know the type of bonds that can happen when you spend 8 hours a day for 8 straight days with the same people. Sometimes, you make new friends. Sometimes, you end up with bad blood when you used to be mad love, TSwift style.


But these 10 teachers I met in Louisiana? And the bond that we made those 2 weeks? It was amazing from the start, and only got better. Mad love forever. Sorry everyone else, but the casecowboys will always be the best. We missed each other so much that we're still in a group chat on Facebook. (Shout-out to Mitchell, Leanna, Grace, Carroll, Tamra, Jerry, Dara, Kolby, Paul and Susan!)


Here are some of my favorite snaps from my time in Louisiana. 

When it was all over, I was truly sad to see it go. If you offered me the chance to drive back down to McNeese and keep working with that same group, I would leave tomorrow. *sigh*


Once I was home, I had 2 days to do laundry and attend a wedding, then it was on to Texas Tech to be a participant at CASE ASA. One of my lead teachers there was the fabulous Kellie Claflin, whom I had first met when we followed each other on Twitter years ago. I had talked to her once or twice in passing at NAAE Convention, but now we got to be real life friends! (The other lead teacher was Mark Meyer, thanks Mark!) My time in Lubbock provided for some very memorable snaps...



After a few days at home, I was able to attend our state CTE Conference and share with my fellow TN ag teachers why CASE is a great choice for their classrooms. It was the perfect bow on an amazing month of being a CASE junkie.


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