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The Long Day Is Over

Posted by Tiffany Morey Jun 15, 2015

Graduation is tonight and caps off the end of a very long year. While there were many successes, there are still many things that need to be improved for the program. However, I made it through the most difficult year of my teaching career thus far, and things are looking bright for next year. When things get tough, it is hard to remember that teaching ag really is a rewarding and important job, and although it might not feel like it at times, we really are planting the seeds of the future and inspiring others to pursue a future in agriculture.


The Successes

  • Seniors going into ag-Of the 7 FFA seniors graduating this year, 6 are going on to study agriculture in college! This is very exciting for them and the future of our field, and we wish them the best of luck as they pursue careers in animal science, dairy science, livestock management, landscaping, and veterinary medicine.
  • 1st State Officer-At this year's State Convention, our chapter had it's first member EVER in it's history (60+years) be elected to state office! We are extremely proud of her accomplishments and she is going to do a great job as the 2015-2016 New Jersey FFA State Treasurer!
  • Garden State Stars-This year we had a whopping 7 members receive their Garden State FFA Degrees. We also had members take home the awards for Star State Farmer and Star State in Agribusiness, and both of them will be continuing on to the Big E in September to earn more recognition for their hard work and outstanding SAEs.
  • Winning CDEs-For the first time in many years, South FFA had a winning CDE team. The Ag Mechanics team took first in their event at the state level, and while they won't be going on to represent NJ at nationals, we are still proud of them! We also had the individual winner of 2 different CDEs as well.


The Improvements

  • New classroom facility-Goodbye ag shop and hello ag science lab! After years of making it work in the outdated, overcrowded, and messy ag shop, the walls are coming down this summer as it gets renovated and turned into a state of the art ag science laboratory and classroom. Gone are the days of shop tables, clutter, and teaching in the school furniture and equipment storage room. Come September, the room will be outfitted with new desks, lab tables, sinks, cabinets, counters, and technology, and will be the facility we need to continue to offer CASE. I can't wait!
  • CASE Food Science and Safety-Floral Design has been officially removed from the curriculum, and is being replaced by CASE Food Science and Safety. Student interest in this class is high, as we have filled not one, but two sections of this new course! Close to 30 students have already enrolled and numbers continue to increase. I'm headed to MN in July for training, and am looking forward to teaching this exciting new class.
  • Grants-Thanks to grants from the NJOAE/NJDA and a county scholarship foundation, we were able to order everything needed for our CASE classes next year and to outfit and furnish the new classroom. It is good to know that next year's students will have the tools and equipment that they need to succeed.


This year may not have been the best ever, but it was a good learning experience. I'm glad it's over, and am looking forward to the summer to relax and reflect. Have a fun and safe summer!



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