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What a wild summer it's been here for Metro Nashville Public Schools! 6 new agriculture teachers came to our district over June and July. THREE of them came to teach with me! All freshmen in our massive high school of 2,400 now take Agriscience as a science credit! This is my 6th year of teaching, but first ever in a multi-teacher program. I'm excited about what this means for the growth of our program! In the next months, I also want to post pictures from my classroom and lab. I've spent the past year fixing it up and I'd love to share it with my teacher friends and future teachers who love checking out classroom decor.


Today a Facebook notification made me think about time. Maybe it's because we're high school teachers, but it seems like we get used to sending students out into the world and just hoping we'll hear back. We accept the inevitable: one day, our beloved students will leave us. We say things like,  "Don't be a stranger." and "Come by and see me sometime." 

If you're like many ag teachers that I know, you send your seniors off with a gift to commemorate all their time and effort into the FFA. 2 years ago, I sent my Class of 2012 seniors off with a mason jar full of blue and yellow paper. Memories, inside jokes and inspirational thoughts all written down and ready to take with them into the world. And then, I forgot that I had done it.

Today during my lunch, I got a Facebook notification and read this.


What are we doing today that will come back to us years from now?


The same Facebook feed that showed me this picture also shows the weary posts of my friends who feel exhausted having to deal with paperwork, overflowing classrooms, and the general stress of the beginning of a new year. To all of my fellow teachers, I just want to remind you - our students NEED us. I guarantee there is a student who will, years from now, will be going through a difficult time and will think back to the kindness and support you showed them. You are doing a great job, even when it may not feel like it. I'm honored to be a part of such an important profession.


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