Matt Eddy

Holy Summertime Batman!

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Jun 30, 2014

Well, June is sure a fun month -- a busy month -- but a fun month.


Aside from various Career Development events --

one day for Agronomy, Food Science, and Ag Mechanics;


another for Horse Judging, Floriculture and Nursery Landscape



-- and Officer Retreats and DLCCO training,


helping present with Daniel Foster & Christopher Zane Sheehan on "Leveraging Social Media for Program Success: Preparing your students for the Digital World!  #TeachAgSM14 for the Indiana Association of Agriculture Educators (IAAE) Conference -- incidentally, which is not the Iowa Association of Agriculture Educators (IAAE) -- which can be confusing.


We sold off one of our cull cows from the ALC herd -- a good market for cattle continues -- at the site of the 2014 National Auctioneers Championships in Knoxville, Iowa.



I wanted to talk about the great time had by all at the Region III Conference hosted by Wisconsin Association of Agriculture Educators in Middleton Wisconsin. IF you have not attended a Regional conference -- GO!  Regional Conferences are one of the best times and have certainly helped me grow in the profession.  Besides helping craft the future of our professional organization - there are usually great tours of the areas agriculture.  Not only do you get to become more familiar with the teachers from your state, but also from your region.  Our profession is tough enough as it is -- getting to know other educators with your same situations (even regionally) makes it a little bit easier.  I'm not sure if my goal of attending more regional conferences than Bob (and Barb) Leonard from Iowa is possible -- but I do know that the years that I miss Region III are a bit duller by comparision.






Next year -- Region III in Poplar Bluff, NE  - I hope we can lay in enough supplies to make it out there.


Now to put the Tundra to use and start getting ready for the Iowa State Fair - a scant 35 days away. A CASE workshop in-between and a short family vacation.  Time sure flies when you are having fun.


Remember to sharpen the saw this summer at a Regional Conference -- it's a marathon, not a sprint.