Tiffany Morey

A Day in the Life of a Future Ag Teacher.

Blog Post created by Tiffany Morey on Mar 20, 2014

Due to a lack of time and creativity, I decided to allow one of my ag students to take over my blog this month. Meagan aspires to be an ag teacher, and without students like her who have been inspired to follow in our footsteps, the future of our profession would be mighty uncertain. While she is only a sophomore, she is committed to becoming an ag teacher and constantly looks for opportunities to work on her teaching skills. Here is her story about a day in the life of a  current ag student and future ag teacher.


From Meagan:


There are so many different yet basic fundamentals to being an ag student. We all wake up, we all get dressed, and we all go to school like any other high school student in America. Whether your interests lie in Agriculture programs like the 4H, FFA or any other student organization with ties to agriculture, life is very similar for us ag students.



For me, I devote my time to the FFA. Since seventh grade the FFA has been my main focus and that will never change.



My path to agriculture was very different compared to my other fellow chapter members. Our high school pulls from three different townships, two of which have rich farming and agricultural roots. Then, there’s me. I’ve from the urban city with a yard the size of my thumb. I was a fish out of water the minute I stepped into my high school’s ag shop, but that’s what I absolutely love about being an ag student.



I love that I learn so many new things every day, that I get to experience what it means to be a leader and that being an agriculturist doesn’t just mean being a farmer.



My time in the classroom learning about agriculture has helped to make me realize my dreams of achieving in the FFA, the field of agriculture, and my goal of growing up to educate future agriculturalists as an agriculture teacher.



Being a teacher is one of the most honorable professions a person could ever hope to undertake. It takes an inhuman amount of patience as well as a lot of tough love. I’ve witnessed first hand as well as experienced the special bond between a teacher and their student, and the even stronger, unbreakable bond of an FFA advisor and their chapter members.



I first realized I wanted to be an agriculture teacher the same way I discovered that I wanted to be very successful in the FFA. It was 83rd New Jersey State FFA Convention and I was surrounded by ag teachers. I realized that my little pond with my one advisor and ten chapter members was flowing into a river filled with advisor after advisor and hundreds of like-minded FFA members all across the state. I saw that every advisor had very special bonds with all of their students, just like I had with mine. I saw that just like my advisor doubled as a friend so did theirs and that special connection, that bond between an advisor and their student wasn’t just sacred to my situation but for every ag student and their teacher because they’re the educators, the leaders, the advisors, the mentors and the inspirations.



I knew that I wanted to be an ag teacher from that to today, three and a half years later. I want to learn from my students just as much as they learn from me, to inspire and ignite a passion in agriculture and help to guide them into their futures.



Throughout my academic career, I’ve gone through teacher after teacher, grade level after grade level but the steadiest thing I’ve known is agriculture. I know I can always find a friend and confidant in my FFA advisor and ag teacher and I always know that when I feel I’ve lost my way I only need to go to the ag shop to feel at home again.