Matt Eddy

Hold on Loosely

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Mar 7, 2014

(Sang in the style of .38 Special)

Hold on loosely, but don't let go.

If you cling to tightly, you can loose control...


Spring Break is here next week and I've got a punchers chance of making it.... but my arms are getting tired.


Advanced Animal Sciences Preg Checked Animal Learning Center Cows yesterday. 16 of 21.  Not stellar, but within our window of acceptability.  The kids were excited and you could feel the learning in the air.  Some days I would pay for the privilege of this job....


Looks like a trap...Top head gate crew in the county...
Doc's AngelsApplication of Permectrin on calves
Photo-bombSelfie Nation


We head to District Contests tomorrow and aside from minor turbulence, we should arrive in fine fashion.  A great day should be had by all.


Hope you all have a great Spring (after a tough winter ALL OVER) and that we find our way to the end of the year in good order.


(Sung in the style of Autograph)


I'm working hard, you're working too

We do it every day

For every minute I have to work

I need a minute of play

Now listen
I wanna shake, I wanna dance
So count it off one, two, three
I hear the beat, I'm in a trance
No better place to be


Daytime, nighttime, anytime
Things go better with rock
I'm goin' twenty four hours a day
I can't seem to stop

Turn up the radio

I need the music, gimme some more