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On the first day of teaching ag, my FFA chapter gave to me: a POA submitted on time and completely correctly!


On the second day of teaching ag, my CASE Animal Science class gave to me: wearing proper PPE!


On the third day of teaching ag, my CASE Plant Science class gave to me: poster projects on The Life of a Tree!

Life of  Tree.JPG

On the fourth day of teaching ag, the incubator gave to me: bacterial culture plates for a lab on Animal Biosecurity!


On the fifth day of teaching ag, New Jersey Farm To School gave to me: the return of the MEWU WALL-E!


On the sixth day of teaching ag, some green thumbs gave to me: a greenhouse full of plants that are blooming and healthy!


On the seventh day of teaching ag, my FFA officers gave to me: attending a Saturday leadership conference with other FFA members from all over New Jersey!


On the eighth day of teaching ag, my Floriculture class gave to me: a community service project of making centerpieces!

SCL Centerpieces.JPG

On the ninth day of teaching ag, my FFA members gave to me: finally starting to use AET!


On the tenth day of teaching ag, Mother Nature gave to me: a snow day to catch up on sleep!


On the eleventh day of teaching ag, my community gave to me: a successful FFA fundraiser of selling wreaths!


On the twelfth day of teaching ag, the Teach Ag Campaign gave to me: the opportunity to serve as A Day In The Life blogger and share my teach ag story!


Happy holidays everyone!



Matt Eddy

High-tech aggie

Posted by Matt Eddy Dec 3, 2013

Just thought I would blog a bit while utilizing the $8 wifi at 36,000 feet.  I think it's safe to say with my travel record, it's a good thing I don't have to go far for my job.


While we wing our way to the NAAE conference in Las Vegas (or Lost Wages -- however you look at it) I had a chance to reflect on what a great profession and great conference we have laying ahead of us.  It's a great chance to connect, learn, and be inspired.


Now if they would only give out full cans of Dr. Pepper instead of the mini-cups. (guess Airline??)


If you haven't considered a foray to our annual professional conference -- please give it your utmost consideration in the future.


Here by choice and not by chance.


Tally Ho

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