Wes Crawford

Signs that Something is Going On...

Blog Post created by Wes Crawford on Nov 5, 2013

If you were like me last and week and was actually in the classroom and not waiting for a table in a Joe's Crabshack next to the Ohio River, you were probably still aware that something big was going on.


While our chapter has made it to the past three national conventions, we didn't attend the re-inaugural Kentucky convention.  As it's a 36 hour drive over 2,381 miles of highway (37 hours in the traffic right now as I Google Maps it), we traditionally don't make the trip unless we have a team competing.  And while some traditions are due for a rewrite, we just haven't gotten over that hump yet.


However, thanks to the times we are well aware that the National Convention is indeed going on strong.  In fact, if you're paying attention, there are all sorts of indicators that 50,000 of your closest friends left you behind and headed to Churchill Downs, amongst other things.


So how can you tell?  Here are some handy signs:


1 - The emails across the US Ag Ed Listserv about concert tickets/opening session tickets/hypnotist tickets/rodeo tickets abruptly stop. I think that if you tallied up the Subject Lines the national listserv is used for (which if you aren't on it, you should be) it would be 1) "Monday Morning Monitor", 2) "Job Postings in (state) -or- at National FFA", and 3) "Need 3 tickets to Opening Session B!"


2 - No other ag teacher responds to your emails.  Come on people, I'm just trying to get the plant order together...


3 - You get phone calls from community members who are watching it on RFD-TV.  "Just wanted to know if you were there, we couldn't find you in the crowd..."


4 - Your Facebook/Twitter feed blows up during the CDE Awards banquets Thursday/Friday. This is what happens when all your friends are ag teachers.


5 - You post your blog on CoP a week after you write it in the hopes someone will actually see it.  I had it last week, but figured to wait until people were home.  Wishful thinking perhaps.


Welcome home all.  Hope to see you there next year.


READER RESPONSE:  What are the signs of Convention in your neck of the woods?