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Day(s) in the life - NFFA

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Nov 4, 2013

Sometimes National FFA Convention it seems like the entire week rolls into one big long day -- and when I arrive back at school on Monday it's like I woke up from a dream.  All I have left to remind me were these 'Hangover'-esk picture montages to piece together what exactly happened.


Enjoy -- ME


Culver's - Cause they support us.We toured Caterpillar's Peoria plant - the kids really enjoyed this tour.
I would have enjoyed the tour more if they left the keys in the ignition.A big D11 blade will always give you some perspective.
Darley Farms Intl. - The late great Affirmed -- buried in whole - a huge honor for a horse.Some people have pictures of their kids & family - this place has pictures of it's horses.
One of the best 'hard hat' tours in the Ag industry.Bottling $250 / bottle Bourbon.
In Honor of Halloween -- no camera tricks -- both pictures taken unaltered from opposite sides of the mural.Creepy ain't it! (the hallway follows you  - Left first, going right second)
A very great group to travel with -- Ben Booth made us some great T-shirtsReady for the concert.
Some kids....Susannah Miller (my sister) tagging one of her students to Teach Ag.
Concert with Dierks BentleyWas fortunate to speak about the CASE curriculum on RFD TV with Orion Samulson, Beau, and Tiffany
Ellen Thompson rocking the "Teach Ag" workshops - it was a privilege to help along with many others - Jaysa Fillmore Parker Bane Doug Dodd to name just a couple.Ben Booth Me, Marla Shifflet (no CoP) Brandi Boyd Taylorann (Smith) Clark Tonia Prombo Susannah Miller Rosa Sondag -- a great group to travel with.  Much fun had and some stories from the road they hope I don't tell.
We'll ... if you can't have a little fun... Let the jokes begin.2013 Iowa FFA American Degree recipients -- I didn't make the security folks very happy with my vantage point for this photo... but I got the shot.
Very proud of our #'s 4 and 5 American Degree's from our chapter EVER!. #1 in 2011 -- Many more to come from these exceptional students - Congratulations to Nic and Brett

Arrived home at 3 am - mowed my lawn Sunday afternoon and

just drove in circles.... coincidence?