Tiffany Morey

The Best Job You'll Ever Love

Blog Post created by Tiffany Morey on Sep 23, 2013

In honor of Teach Ag Day, which is is this Thursday, September 26th, this short, but sweet, blog post is dedicated to the best job you will ever love: teaching ag!


The Top 10 Reasons to Teach Ag (If you aren't already!)

1. No two days are ever the same (this is a good thing!)

2. Your students will make you laugh at least once a day (guaranteed!)

3. Ag teachers have the most interesting and exciting subject matter in the entire school

4. We work with the best kids (once we train them!)

5. We get to watch our students make connections between what they learn in our classes and real life on a routine basis

6. We get to serve as advisors and leaders for FFA chapters and be a part of the greatest student service organization in the country

7. We can be as corny and cheesy as we want and write it off as part of our job

8. We have the best online network of teachers (CoP) and the best professional education organization (NAAE)

9. What we teach actually matters and makes a difference

10. Our students will actually use the things they learn in our classrooms and those things will have a positive impact the future of American agriculture


Happy Teach Ag Day everyone! Hopefully all of you will be doing something to promote our wonderful profession and to help TAG the future of agricultural education! Keep on doing what you love and loving what you do!