Jessie Lumpkins

Warm Fuzzies

Blog Post created by Jessie Lumpkins on Aug 27, 2013

Hey friends and fellow awesome agriculture teachers,


This summer was good to me and I'm really excited to share my experience at the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy and my new classroom. Days have been so full that I haven't yet had time to do those two things justice in writing, but I will.


For now, in the 20 minutes left of my planning before students will burst through my classroom door, I'm reflecting on why I love my job. With National Teach Ag Day less than a month away, it's a great time to remind young people contemplating a career in agriculture education about why being an agriculture educator is such a great choice.


Agriculture teachers do our jobs because our curriculum is fascinating and vitally important. We do it because students need a place to belong during their high school years, and the FFA is the perfect solution. We do it because there was probably an ag teacher that guided us as teenagers and helped us to create memories that we held onto so tightly, we dedicated our life to helping others make them, too. Lots of agriculture teachers will share this kind of story and it's true that these messages will impact college students interested in our line of work.

But what we sometimes forget to share are the little things... like when many students stay after school on their own time to try-out for a CDE team, and while excitedly making a plan for their success together, leave you an entire chalkboard of warm fuzzies.



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(And for those of you wondering, who still has a chalkboard in 2013? That would be me. Nice to meet you. I'd shake your hand but mine is covered in chalk. A whiteboard is in the works!)


Teach Ag for the warm fuzzies!