Matt Eddy

Peach Trees and Rainbows

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Apr 12, 2013

I don't think anyone ever said that teaching Agriculture would be all Peach Trees and Rainbows...


One might begin to wonder, after reading our blogs, that teaching agriculture must be the best thing in the world... and maybe it is.  But it doesn't always go well all the time - for any of us - or at least, ME.


This week has been a grind - very much a grind.   I'm not sure why.  Lots of little things, some slight turbulence  or maybe the weather.  It's been cloudy, rainy and cold for the better part of the week after a short shot of 75 and sunny.  Iowa weather can be mean in the spring.  We did miss (almost all of us) the snow in SD, MN, NE, CO, KS that has bollixed their April weather patterns.  And we certainly missed the wicked twisters in the south.  But the melancholy of the weather could be part of it.


The students have had less energy, I'm irritated faster than normal with behavior; assignments aren't done as well as could be and that's frustrating.  I'm swamped by the usual April and May hub-bub and projects.  It seems like some days that your walking into the wind.  The next two months are always the toughest educationally.


We had some new CASE Biotech stuff come in and I got it all organized and put away today like it should be - a minor victory. 4% down, the other 96% of my classroom and lab to go.   The greenhouse is behind; and my students don't seem to sense the same urgency as I do towards the completion of our projects.  All in all, I'm worn out today.


Maybe Vince Lombardi was right.  In the long run, deep down in our hearts, we must like the grind.*  Because we pursue this thing called education with everything we have, all of our thought and energy - even though some days it seems like it drains them both at the same time.


But today is Friday - and after a couple days of recharge - we'll try again.  Because we like the grind....  and I firmly believe that anyone's finest hour - their greatest fulfillment - is that moment when they have worked their heart out in a good cause and lie exhausted - but victorious.*


Keep your stick on the ice - Remember, I'm pulling for ya; we're all in this together. Red Green


I'm out....


*adopted from "What it takes to be #1" by Vince Lombardi