Jessie Lumpkins

We're off to Hillbilly Vegas! (aka, State Convention)

Blog Post created by Jessie Lumpkins on Mar 24, 2013

I am almost ashamed to publicly show this picture but... this is what my room looks like the morning of our State Convention trip.


For the first time in four years, I am not running around like a wild woman trying to get props packed and papers printed. We are so prepared that I have time to make this quick post before the kiddos get here! I'm taking 18 members. We are ready to receive some awards we've earned through the year, compete in the Job Interview and Ag Issues CDEs, present a dynamite Agriscience Fair Project, watch 6 seniors receive their State FFA Degree and of course root for our state officer candidate.


Tennessee State Convention is held each year in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (or Hillbilly Vegas as we call it ). Can't wait to hear Retiring Addresses, see all of my FFA family and watch my students enjoy the best trip of the year!