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Snow Day Archeology

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Feb 27, 2013

If your anything like me -- and let's face it -- I hope your not; snow days represent the gift of time.  And since I was already at school when it was called off - you can't turn your back on a gift like that.


An Ag Teachers list of things to do is never done, and much like farming - there is always something to preoccupy your time when mother nature keeps you from your primary intention that day.  For me - I have turned my back on most of that important list and have decided to clean my desk.  Yes, I said it.  CLEAN MY DESK!  Can you hear my students laughing from their snow-bound houses right now?


I'd like to think that a cluttered desk is the mark of genius at work, but likely it just means I don't mind working in the midst of chaos.


Things I found:

  • A purchase order from 2011 for some horticulture supplies I didn't need that year.
  • An invoice that I had already requested, and handed in, a replacement.
  • Some homework from last week that needed graded.  Some from last month too.
  • A Hummert Supply Catalog from 2008/2009 - the purple edition
  • Various pens and pencils that I thought were lost and it turns out they weren't
  • 36 Clorox wipes worth of dust bunnies hiding behind my computer monitor.


As I worked through each pile - it was like an archaeological dig in old Egypt.  Everything was piled according to importance, time of receipt, time of due date and several other various organizational methods - sometimes I could even tell where it changed methods.




Well - now that I've gotten that accomplished, I better get to work on something from my list of chores.... or I could blog a bit... oooh, look shiny stuff....


I hope your snow days are filled with productivity and a bit of frivolity as well.


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