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Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Nov 15, 2012

What a week.  It's only Thursday and I think I'm likely to have crammed 7 days of stuff into 5 ... typical Ag Ed right?


This weekend, the Advanced Animal Science class met to prep the Iowa State Fair Animal Learning Center cows for AI on Tuesday.  Lots of fun, including castrating calves. You can follow at hashtag ISFALC13 on twitter.


Monday: Regular day - what are those?  Lab in AFNR on using the Vernier Lab Quests for the AFNR class.


08-CASE class 08.JPG11-CASE class 11.JPG


Tuesday: Advanced Animal Science got to AI cows - same cows, but new kids.  It all feels oddly familiar to me.  ROTFL  After lunch in the booming metropolis of Runnells (2 bars, one church), it was time to change clothes and take another group of students to present CASE to the Governor's STEM Advisory board at Drake University.  Following that, the FFA Foundation Finance Committee met that night till about 9.  After that, I took the rest of the day off...

041-2012 ALC Cows AI 041.JPG118-2012 ALC Cows AI 118.JPG

  007-2012 ALC Cows AI 007.JPG8-STEM Advisory 008.JPG


Wednesday: Late Start and staff development. Enthralling.  Then Fruit Sales were due so a majority of the day was spent accounting for the funds while Ms. Anderson (Student teacher) conducted class.  She has really done a fine job and I'm excited to see her get that first job.  The chapter reached their goal - so while I am at NAAE in a couple weeks, they will have their pizza party / movie night using the big screen in the auditorium. (Ms. Anderson will earn her student teaching grade for sure)


Thursday: Students are presenting at the Iowa Association of School Boards conference downtown, the State Officers are here for a chapter visit and are working with the classes.  A great SO duo today and the kids are definitely having a good time.  Afterwards, I suppose I will need to go back downtown to pick up the kids.... gotta remember that.


Friday: Labs begin again in earnest on fetal pig dissection, using Vernier Lab Quests and horticulture projects should be nearing completion.


I guess it's better than being board.


Hope to see lots of friends and make some new ones in Atlanta in a couple weeks.