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Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Sep 21, 2012

Greetings and Salutations!


This homecoming week is brought to you by the letters H and L which stand for "Hoop-La".


Thanks for making it back to our "Day in the Life of an Ag Teacher" blog and following along.  I am excited to continue this experience and look forward to sharing with you as we embark upon another year.  My name is Matthew Eddy and this will be my 14th year teaching.  Seems a bit weird that I have been in school for 31 years of my life...   I have been at Southeast Polk for 9 years now and have enjoyed it very much.  We seem to get entangled in many different projects and activities throughout the year and I hope you enjoy following along.


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This year while I was checking the cows from the Animal Learning Center (see Janice Person's Blog here) - prior to my Advanced Animal Science class taking over -- I found one more calf than we should have had!  We had 13 at the fair, 1 calved in the pasture after the fair - making 14.  But as I was checking them, I kept counting 15!  Seems someone needs their grade adjusted for the Preg Checking Lab... but I suppose since the Vet got fooled too, maybe I shouldn't be too hard on them.  

ALC June Preg 09.JPG


Lately, we have been busy with some early fall CDE events (Soils and Dairy Cattle / Dairy Products) and getting our CASE on in the classroom.  My student teacher has been doing well and I am trying to wrap my head around having one in the fall.  It's a different experience from the traditional spring placements.


Don't be afraid to chime in or ask questions via the comments section.  I know all our bloggers would love to hear from you and socialize a bit.


Remember to keep a eye on the horizon, but don't be too afraid to chart your own course.  You never know when you might find your +1.


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Time to saddle up and ride....