Matt Eddy

How to be a successful Ag Teacher

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on May 1, 2012

Ken Lym got me to thinking.  A great question with no answer.  I'll post my reply below, but I would like to ASK YOU -- How do you become a successful ag teacher??  Submit reply's below.  What does it take??  How will I know??


Enjoy, ME


Guess it depends on your definition of successful...


Continually learn, reflect, and change, ... then repeat.


Join your professional organization (NAAE and state ag teacher group).


Be curious, inquisitive, and enthusiastic


Be empathetic, kind and helpful


Do your best, give it what you got, and realize you can't be everything for everyone.


Do what's best for kids.


Work professionally with your colleagues.


Check out CASE ... might be the best thing you ever did.


Read --- educational literature, blogs, opinions, stories -- stay current.  Entertain new ideas without necessarily accepting them.


Challenge yourself and your students


Back up your computer


Realize that failure is probably the best educator.


Focus on teaching


Caffinated beverages....


That'll get you started.