Wes Crawford

This Year Needs an Extra Day

Blog Post created by Wes Crawford on Apr 12, 2012

You'd think that since this was a Leap Year (does that need to be capitalized?) I'd be happy in the extension.  Apparently I need another.


Despite my earlier advice of Pacing Yourself (pretty sure that doesn't need to be capitalized) it seems I have been doing anything but.  And seeing how it is 'that time of year,' which I seem to say year-round, I'm sure I'm not the only one.  Welcome to spring.


In Oregon spring begins with spring break and the Oregon FFA State Convention.  March 23-26th saw Sutherlin FFA load up the minibus with enough students and luggage that the mudflaps dragged on the ground (I'm sure it's just weak shocks) and make the 450 mile sojourn across the state to the arid and empty northeastern part of the state.  Our state convention rotates around, giving a great chance to gain insight into a different type of country and agriculture industry; Oregon produces over 250 commodities so you don't have to travel far to find something new.  In one day we found ourselves amongst a million seed plugs and - six hours later - 46,000 feedlot cattle.  And about three more bathroom stops than necessary in between.  But the trip was fantastic and Hermiston High School pulled out all the stops in hosting this year's convention, and our chapter represented well with 13 State FFA Degree recipients, a state proficiency winner, and the newly elected State President.


After about 36 hours at home, it was onto an airplane for a trip to - of all the places in the world - Indianapolis, Indiana for the National Science Teacher's Association national convention.  But that's a great story for another time; after all, they aren't that much different than us.


Keep on keepin' on - it's going to be finals and graduation before we know it.  Because I'm pretty sure we're not getting any extra days.


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