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Matt Eddy

Caption Contest Rides Again

Posted by Matt Eddy Mar 28, 2012

In celebration of the new and improved Communities of Practice, National Ag Day, Week, Month and Teach Ag in DC this month, we will play the caption game again.


Rules are simple:

  1. Reply with your most creative, entertaining, yet appropriate caption for the picture in question.
  2. Winners will be selected by committee.
  3. Prizes will be selected from around the Ag Department here, but I'm sure they will be FAB-ulous.
  4. Enjoy.


We will play for 4 weeks.  Here is #1.


ALC - Preg Check 179.JPG


Have at it.



Hey fellow CoP members!  Remember me, Cacee- the student blogger, or as my students like to call me, Ms. Ford?  ***SN:I still haven’t gotten used to being called Ms. Ford, just yet. ;D


Anywho, I wish to apologize as my student teaching internship has taken over my life the past 7 weeks and I have majorly slacked on posting an excerpt from my life as a student teacher.


To debrief you all on the past several weeks, I have successfully to begin teaching 3 preps- Agriscience Foundations 1, Food Science 2 and Food Science.  Each class keeps me busy 24/ 7 and I love it!  My Foundations class just began their Plant and Soil Science Unit, where we are learning the basic of soil and have just planted our spring garden.  Food Sci. 2 is just two short weeks away from finishing their Beef Jerky and New Food Product Development Unit.  I am definitely excited to use the Meats Lab at my school and eat some delicious jerky recipes.  The students are so motivated to do this project.  One pair of girls is even making t- shirts for their presentation and are giving me one to wear as well- so precious! ;D  And then my Food Sci. 3 students are working on their Sausage Projects, where they apply similar skills my Food Sci. 2 students are using right now with their beef jerky.  With a funk schedule coming up, I am incorporating a mini- Preservation Unit into the current one, where students will learn the uses of preservation and how to can pickles, jellies, etc.  As you can see, I eat, A LOT!  I so need to join a Zumba class on campus or something!


Overall, each day has its own challenges.  Some days are great, some days are rough, but I somehow manage to work out the kinks mentally with myself and with my students and always move forward with them.   I have definitely experienced things that my department didn’t really prepare me for and for good reason.  I don’t believe there is cookie cutter situation for how to deal with students cheating or when a student wants to talk to you about pressures from their boyfriend.  These classroom management- types ordeals are immensely situational, they are each individually different and I have had to spend much time getting to know my students so that I am able to handle these unique situations effectively and not offend or upset the students further---the last thing I want is for them to dislike ag because of how the intern dealt with them. 


On a lighter note, I truly feel my internship has been one of the best learning experience I believe I will ever endure.  I’ll be honest, I am sometimes not the best listener when someone talks endlessly, but when my cooperating teacher takes the time to tell me stories and give teacher advice, my mind absorbs everything he says.  I feel so blessed to have such a seasoned teacher who has seen it all, been through it all and at the end of the day stands proud for this profession.  I hope that in 30 years, I am still standing proud for Agricultural Education, for this internship is proving to me that Ag Ed has always been needed in American public education and will always be needed.


If you are a student teaching right now and nee someone to just vent to, please feel free to contact me on here or by  I know what you’re going through, YOU CAN DO IT, just hang in there!  Always remember Jeremiah 29:11 and that God doesn’t put mountains in front of you that you can’t cross!



Cacee A. Ford

As we near National TEACH AGday, I wanted to talk a bit about the Teach Ag in DC 2012 project.  A phenomenally good idea from the Teach Ag campaign, 6 students from AFA (3) and FFA (3) were selected to teach a lesson on agriculture to 7th grade students in Washington, DC during National Ag Week.


Three teachers were selected from around the country to help mentor 3 pairs of students in their lesson preparation, classroom management and also to answer their questions about the profession.  Not only could this not be a better idea, but the students were phenomenally talented specimens.  If this is the future of agriculture education, we are indeed in good hands and the rest of us are going to have to step up our game a bit.  These young pups are gonna be game-changers.


Teach Ag in DC Group.JPG


After arriving in DC, we met on Tuesday afternoon to finally meet one another after a few months of emails and conference calls. After trial runs of each lesson, we tried to help them refine their lessons for their intended audiences, identify places where they may have difficulty with students and generally get a feel for how a real lesson in the classroom would look.


Wednesday the students were busy with other Ag Day activities and I was able to take in a few sights of DC and meet with some elected leaders.


Teach Ag in DC 5.jpgTeach Ag in DC 4.jpg

Home Decorating thoughts -- I thnk this would look good in my basement...

Tagged along with the Iowa CTE delegation to see Senator Harkin (IA - Center) and

talk about the DoL Child labor law changes.

Teach Ag in DC 6.jpgTeach Ag in DC 7.jpg

Thought about shopping for my wife, but this one was spoken for...

you miss all the good deals when your late to the sale.

Considered a "Ding and Dash" but thought I wouldn't have time to hide in the shrubery.



Thursday afternoon - we taxied over to Stuart-Hobson Middle School to work with our cooperating teacher - Mr. Creef.  Mr. Creef is indubitably an Ag Teacher in his heart.  His rooms were filled with exciting, engaging activities, experiments and poster-charts of student projects.  He was totally student driven and wanted them to be fully engaged to his process but also to learn about the world around them.  He even takes students to Montana/Wyoming each year to get them a taste of what ranch/rural life is like.  After three days of hopping Metro trains, I can empathize and felt as much out of my element as they must feel in the west.


Header 1Header 2
Teach Ag in DC 3.jpgTeach Ag in DC 2.jpg
Teach Ag in DC 10.JPGTeach Ag in DC 8.JPG


Mr. Creef's students were exceptional -- they were receptive, engaged and excited to learn from our student teachers.  I probably learned more from student teachers and 7th graders, then they learned from me.  I have always said that kids are kids no matter where you go. 


A great project and couple days in our Nation's Capitol during National Ag Day.


Teach Ag in DC 11.JPG

Group 1 – Mentor Teacher Aaron Geiman, North Carroll High School – Maryland

Jodi Boe – NDSU (Right)

Bethany Markway- Missouri State (Left)


Teach Ag in DC 1.jpg

Group 2 – Mentor Teacher Matt Eddy, Southeast Polk High School - Iowa

Josh Johnson – SDSU (right)

Jenna Moser- Penn State (left)


Teach Ag in DC 9.JPG

Group 3 – Mentor Teacher Robin McLean – Northern Burlington County School District – New Jersey

April Johnson – SDSU (Right)

Nina Miller – Virginia Tech (Left)



A great experience and I can't wait to see where it goes next year.


Later, @AgEd4ME

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