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I'm gonna get shot...

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Feb 14, 2012

...either way.


After observing the fire (tweet / video) storm that followed the airing of the Chipotle commercial during the Grammies, I was trying to figure out exactly what the fervor was all about.


I've watched several retort videos from ag groups.  I'm starting to wonder why we are barking at each other - aren't we the different sides to the same coin?  Aren't we both working to feed people?


For those who live under a rock without Social Media:



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Ohio Pork producers


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I really think that the free market will eventually sort out the future direction of agriculture.  IF100% of consumers bought into the local, grassfed, organic movement we would need some 4 million more farmers.  I see a real opportunity for Agriculture Education in that figure.  Who will educate all these new farmers??  WE will.


With a world population rising in exponential numbers, we will continue to need to raise more and more food.  I don't see the conventional production practices going away anytime soon either. (Although a precipitous rise in diesel fuel might make that happen faster than anyone wants to admit - but I digress).


Seems paradoxical ...  doesn't it.    If you haven't seen the documentary American Meat I would suggest it.  I had the opportunity to screen the movie at my school with producers, students and community members and the filmmaker participated right along with us.  The conversations were priceless.  This conversation in agriculture is a real one - and I don't believe that it will go away.


I don't find Chipotle is attacking modern agriculture, but they are providing for a niche market and also providing a market for small producers.  McDonalds is moving to end gestation crates -- are they just reacting to consumer demand?  This is a complicated issue and one that is best approached genuinely by both sides with open lines of communication.  After all, we are trying to reach the same end.


Agvocate = opening the lines of communication and finding common ground -- not lamblasting the other side with why your 'right'.


I'm not sure I can, with good conscious, find that either video is 'right' -- but there is definitely a war of PR going on. Before you pull the trigger on the good vs bad gun -- realize that both sides have plenty of ammo and apparently aren't afraid to use it.


Can't we all just get along??



And for the record - musically Willie blew Coldplay out of the water with his cover.  Just sayin'