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Much too Young...

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Feb 1, 2012

... to feel this dang old.


It seems that the years all run together after a while and I can't seem to differentiate between them.  "We already did this...?" "Have I told you (class) about ...?" "Which period is this?"


January and February seem to be a bit harder than most when it comes to maintaining your bearings.  All the awards, degrees, programs, activities, planning -- oy.  And then teach a few classes in the down time between 8 and 3.


We took 30 kids to the Iowa Pork Expo last week -- they hold a judging contest that has some good learning stations incorporated as well.  Most of my students have little ag or PIG background, but we still had a couple in the top 15 of the contest. Go figure.  It is also nice for them to mingle in the trade show and get a real feel for how encompassing the pork industry is in our state - since we lead the nation.  Invariably I have students comment about how they never knew 'such and such' company was related to pork production.  Which is good exposure, IMO.  You never know where the next job offer may come from.


Pork Expo 43.JPG

Legis Symp 08.JPG


This week, aside from Iowa Tests (Standardized testing two days), our Legislative Symposium (above), we have our District FFA review night for Iowa Degree's, proficiencies, officer books, and District Officer interviews on Thursday.  Whew.  Cap it off with the District Wrestling tournament on Friday and you have a busy week.  Oh yeah -- also preg check the Animal Learning Center cows (below) , castrate, vaccinate and wean calves and send them to sale too. 


ALC - Preg Check 41.JPGALC - Preg Check 179.JPG



What day is today again??? 


To sleep would be best, but I just can't afford to rest

Io-wa Degree's are due tonight... (sorry Garth)


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