Wes Crawford

I Hate Snow Days (and Other Evidence of Craziness)

Blog Post created by Wes Crawford on Feb 1, 2012

It’s absolutely true – I hate snow days.

Where we reside in Western Oregon, elevation 500’, our school districts quail at the forecast of 1” of snow – not exaggerating.  The chance of accumulation prompts a two hour delay at least in some parts of the county.  In contrast, in Eastern Oregon 2” of snow is good golf weather.  Just depends where you are from.

But I don’t dislike snow days because of the snow.  It’s the fact that I don’t have the time for a snow day.  It seems like I’m behind where I want to be by the third day of the school year anyway, so missing a day in this season of semester finals, leadership CDE’s, proficiencies, FFA Week, and more just doesn’t work.  I have too much to do!

Much to the chagrin of some of our staff, we have been without a delay or day-off this year.   Thank goodness.  With finals behind us last week, and a new term now, we are looking district proficiencies in the eye for tonight, Job Interview CDEs at the same time, prepping a few dozen kids for parliamentary procedure and speaking events next week, with just enough time for planning an FFA Week there for the end of February – that should keep the home crowd busy for a while.  Try to get that done around snow days!


My discrepancies with other teachers don’t end there.  Another mid-winter item would definitely be the speed in which Spring Break approaches.  To most, it is the mirage in the distance.  However, when your FFA State Convention occupies the opening weekend of spring break, it arrives well before you are ever ready.  It never fails that you don’t have enough prep time for practicing speeches, polishing applications, or preparing presentations.  Nothing seems to slow down the pace.

But you can always look to the flipside – you do make it through the snow season that much faster.