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Blog Post created by Josh Dahlem on Dec 13, 2011

I recently spent the evening talking to a welding instructor from north Louisiana about our roles in school and Aretha Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T came on in and our conversation led to this. .


He was facing a problem with getting respect from teachers and administrators as being a legitimate teacher. He was having issues of being left out of the loop and was always the last to be told of happenings in the school, but the first to be called on to fix someone else’s problem or equipment.  As an ag teacher, I could relate to him in some points but also shared my point of view


As a non tested subject, we are often pushed to the back of school improvement agendas and fight the ongoing battle of showing our programs worth. The advice I gave him was to document everything, explain how the welding skills he teaches his students, puts them a step ahead of the average student in the job market. I highlighted my success with CASE and showed him how students who enrolled in that course scored 10% better on their Biology End of Course Exam and 31 pts higher on their 11th grade Science Graduate Exit Exam. This data has helped to show that Ag in my school plays a vital role by improving test scores.


Please share you advice on how you prove to administrators and teachers that your program is an important part of the school and not that place to get things fixed?


Something said on this thread could help a struggling teacher.