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Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Oct 28, 2011

Is teaching Ag addictive?  Should there be a surgeon general warning on the door to my classroom?  Addiction is the only plausible answer to my madness.


I'm brandishing some 'Blink 182' at an awfully high volume right now so this blog could be different: Caveat Emptor....


10% of this job creates 90% of my headaches, I swear... and ironically enough its the 10% I can't control, influence, or use a cattle prod to get moving... Sigh


It's been an interesting week on the other 90%.  We did some great agar bacteria plates in Animal Science -- the kids liked the scenarios in CASE Animal Science 3.3.2.  We had some good nastiness growing already today and it makes a good example for biosecurity on a farm, greenhouse, or food processing facility.  The point gets driven home pretty well, I think.


CASE ASA 3.3.2 06.JPGCASE ASA 3.3.2 13.JPG


National Convention was a blast and I now suffer from the unavoidable hangover of returning to the real world.  See the above 10/90 rule.  We probably had as good a National Convention has we have ever had.  First two American Degree's in chapter history, Vivian was an Agriscience Star Over America, my principal flew out to be with us Friday night and Saturday morning (re-affirming that I will miss our current administration if they leave), a great group of 10 chapter members who were the most well behaved and exciting group to work with during our trip. I just wish I could live in that world all the time...







My Horticulture class is creating a hydroponics unit and another group is creating an aeroponics set-up.  Props to Tom Murray at North Linn, Iowa for the idea and getting us started down this road.  Should prove interesting and hopefully educational.


Horticulture Projects 01.JPG


Well, 'Skid Row' brings me to the completion of another week.  Maybe a restful weekend, a good Game 7 tonight and I'll feel like taking another crack at this thing on Monday.


Have a great weekend.