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Let the summer begin...

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Jun 1, 2011

While most teachers were checking out, finalizing their grades or making chit-chat about their summer of leisure activities; I was ... well, eh.. ahem... elbow deep in education....

ALC June Preg 17.JPG

My Summer Advanced Animal Science LAB course students were out at the pasture making a final preg-check for our Animal Learning Center cows that we manage.  With the Iowa State Fair a scant 10 weeks away, we have started our fair prep in earnest.

ALC June Preg 19.JPG

In a little under an hour and a half, my students were able to process 23 head, give shots, pour on some wormer, a good dose of medicine and get some real 'hands-on experience' in the animal sciences.

ALC June Preg 04.JPG

ALC June Preg 07.JPG

ALC June Preg 11.JPG

ALC June Preg 09.JPG

For all the extra work, it sure is a great learning experience and we couldn't be so lucky if it weren't for the partnership with the Iowa State Fair and great supporters like Palco and Dr. Gene Hoy who supervises and teaches the kids all about the animal sciences -- both in the field and during the fair with the other 6-8 species of agricultural animals.


In the picture below, we are consulting with Dr. Hoy and the kids are choosing which cows to cull, since they haven't met with production demands or our program.  6 will be sent on to greener pastures someplace else next Friday.

ALC June Preg 37.JPG

So as your year ends up - best of luck this summer.  Summer is such an exciting time to be an Ag Teacher.


Just like being home on the farm, try not to waste the daylight and make hay while the suns' shining.


Catch you later, ME

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