Catherine DiBenedetto

Help! I'm Trapped Under a Pile of Post-it Notes!

Blog Post created by Catherine DiBenedetto on May 14, 2011

     Spring has sprung and my desk is scattered with a colorful, (organized) mess of post-it notes. Each note containing something that requires my attention; a be deadline to meet, a project to complete, a phone call to return, a purchase order to type, supplies to gather for a project, copies to be made, floral orders to be filled, a greenhouse hose to repair, SAE's to review and grade, invoices to pay, and_____________, ____________, and __________(you fill in the blanks, just look at some of the things on your desk). By the time I complete one task and remove the note, three more appear. I can barely see the wood tone color of my desk because of the piles of things to do and colorful squares to remind me to do them. (Sound familiar?)

      I consider myself to be an organized person but, during many times of the year I am coming and going in so many different directions and have so many things to do, it is difficult to remain focused and feel productive. Does anyone relate? If you are an AG teacher, I know, you know exactly what I am talking about. This is the life of an AG teacher. Constantly busy, always moving in different directions, going in early, working through lunch, and working long hours way beyond the sound of the bell that dismisses everyone else at the end of the school day. You have to love it!

     One suggestion, every now and then sit down to eat lunch, especially when you have a group of students in your classroom. Not only will it aid in the digestion process, it will give you a chance to relate to your students on a different level.  Pull yourself away from your computer or task at hand, sit with them, talk to them, show them how much you care by taking an interest in their sometimes crazy conversations and tastes in music and relax for a brief moment and enjoy your lunch! The Post-it notes will keep coming and going. With every note that I add or delete, I always try to remember the impact that I make on students every day as I open a new pack or new color and I keep plugging away. Welcome to a day in the life of an AG Teacher!