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Sharpen the saw

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Apr 11, 2011

A fan of Steven Covey or not - you have to admit that there is some benefit to taking moments every now and again for some self-maintenance.


Teaching Agriculture is a peculiar profession sometimes -- in that we usually don't get a lot of time to reflect upon what it is we do.(or at least I seem to be off to the next project as soon as I get the last one done).


Particularly to take a step back, breathe for a bit and take a look at the overall picture.  Our summers are not spent at the beach or the golf course, but with SAE's and Fairs; not relaxing on the porch, but tending to our chapters.  Taking a few moments to reflect on what we have done and what we still wish to accomplish is imperative to improving our craft.


My favorite Roosevelt quote is Sometimes the best prize life offers is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing.  It seems that Agriculture Education could be the poster child for that particular quote.  We often have plenty of projects on the back burner, and a few waiting in the wings to come out as soon as we think we have one challenge mastered.  I don't know why this seems to be the case with Ag Teachers, but we seem to be gluttons when it comes to taking on challenges.


While I am supervising a student teacher this spring,(see what I mean) I find myself working on all those "C" list projects that never gotten up too the plate during the regular part of the year.  It's a really different experience to finally get a chance to tackle those projects.  I secured some new lab tables / cabinets for my (mostly) unfurnished lab.  We are going to make some improvements that will make CASE and other scientific aspects of my courses exceptionally easy to do.  I can't believe it actually will come to fruition -- and actually, the hardest part is being patient because I want to teach in the improved facility NOW -- and none of that would have been possible if I hadn't been roaming around the school to give the student teacher some 'room' to 'earn her spurs' as the classroom teacher. (I am a horrible hover'er, because my main computer is in the classroom -- I'm practically tethered)  But since I was able to be 'out and about', some coversations and a couple coincidences happen to fall into place and 'viola' -- we have updates to my lab.


So, remember while your packing that schedule full and planning every moment of every day -- block some time for YOU!  Find that activity that keeps you enjoying life and refilling the energy level that it takes to be an Ag Teacher ---


Don't be afraid to sharpen the saw -- and remember -- if it were easy, everyone would do it.


Week #5 winner was Westwood FFA -- I'll try to get in contact since you aren't publishing an email. (another blog for another day)


Congratulations and thanks to everyone for playing along.


This week should have some great stuff going on as we burn feed for caloric content, pack our Altoona baskets, and have STATE CONVENTION on Thursday and Friday -- see what I mean about Ag teachers always having about 7 things jamming along at one time.


Later --