Catherine DiBenedetto


Blog Post created by Catherine DiBenedetto on Mar 13, 2011

I just returned from San Francisco, CA where I had the opportunity to attend the NSTA conference (National Science Teacher Association). If you are not an NSTA member, you should be. There is a discount for membership through NAAE. Check with your state association and they should be able to help provide information for obtaining membership. As a National Agriscience Ambassador, I have attended the conference and presented DuPont sponsored inquiry based learning workshops for the past two years. Our goal is to help increase inquiry in classrooms through agriscience related topics using Lab Aids materials. We are helping science teachers understand that agriscience is the application of the science they are teaching. NSTA provides numerous resources and information that is relevant to the agriscience curriculum. I come home with timely and useful information, bags of resources and new ideas that helps ignite a renewed energy to keep me going for the remainder of the year. I meet many teachers from across the nation and I leave them with ideas to go back to their homes and work with their Ag departments. When we collaborate we can help solve the challenges within the global economic system that we embark upon together.  Check it out and begin your plans to attend next year. The NSTA conference will be held in Indianapolis,Indiana in 2012, a familiar place to many of us!