Jessica Fernandes

Bleed Blue and Gold

Blog Post created by Jessica Fernandes on Feb 24, 2011

FFA week has always been a favorite of mine and my students!! You have to be just as excited if not more than the kids so go and buy blue and gold gear!! At our school we strive to involve as many kids as possible in the festivities by making the activities welcoming and accessible. We also give lots of points for participation. Our week goes like this:


Tuesday - T-shirt Tuesday (students wear their ag shirts and they get 2pts) (We have t-shirt tuesdays every tuesday but normally they are only 1pt)

Wednesday -  After school - Say the FFA motto, memorized get 2 FFA pts and put into a drawing for $20 cash)

Thursday - Wear any ag shirt (conference or otherwise) 2pts & Monthly FFA mtg 2 pts

Friday - Wear blue and gold (2pts), Take a yearbook picture at lunch (2pts) and go ice skating (2pts)


This year we included our whole school staff by picking 8 FFA Facts printing them and attaching them to candy bars. We then put them in the staff boxes and asked the staff to share the fact with their students. If students wanted they could write down the fact get the teachers signature and on Friday every signature is worth an FFA point.




Since I write from the sunny state of CA I feel as though I should share a few things that are different in CA that some of you may not know.  In CA every student is automatically a member of the FFA. The chapters are responsible for paying the dues of every students once they are enrolled in the class. Also, the grant money we receive requires us to hold them responsible for all three circles: classwork, ffa and sae. Most teachers use a grading rubric of 60%, 20%, 20% respectively. In my chapter students are required to get 40 FFA points each semester and 50 hours each semester. For FFA chapter activities are worth 1pt, section 2pts, region 3pts and state 5pts. We offer over 200pts each semester in a variety of different activities. We go above and beyond to make sure that students who are involved in other activities such as sports, church, family, etc can meet their obligations by offering two 20pt opportunities each semester such as canned food drives 20 cans = 20 pts or sell 20 turkey raffle tickets = 20 pts. that allow students to reach their grade requirement and not feel conflicted by their other commitments.


Having been an active FFA member when I was in high school I "bleed blue and gold" and want to share this organization with every kid I meet! FFA had a profound impact on my life and it is awesome to see even the smallest experience make as profound of an impact on them.


I put a challenge to you to "bleed blue and gold"&  love that corduroy and everything else will work itself out!