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Pizzas, Dogs and Dairy

Blog Post created by Kellie Claflin on Feb 20, 2011

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. Teddy Roosevelt



It's so hard for me to believe that I've been student teaching for 4 weeks already! As time has progressed I've realized how true the above quote is. I go to school each day and while it certainly is challenging - I absolutely love it! There is nothing else that I can imagine myself doing, which is a great feeling.



The first three weeks of student teaching I started each day at the middle school and was able to teach for two weeks. From animal science, ag careers and food science I had an absolute blast. I never realized how much I would enjoy teaching middle school. They have so much energy! Their energy does come in useful, especially when making homemade butter and ice cream.


Not that the high schoolers don't have energy. They do! But it just shows itself in different ways. For instance, my horticulture class' new favorite game is "let's ask Ms. Claflin as many questions as we can to distract her". I'm pretty good about staying on task, but still trying to figure out the perfect way to handle the questions. Some of my favorites from this week...

  • "Ms. Claflin, you have a ring on your finger, are you married?" (apparently didn't notice that the ring was on my middle finger of my right hand)
  • "Ms. Claflin, do you think winter is over yet?" (My response - "It's Wisconsin, you should know better than to think winter is over in February")
  • "Ms. Claflin, when I'm older than you can I call you by your first name?" ("Um, I know my math isn't that great, but even if that was possible, you still have to call me Ms. Claflin")


Every day is different and has it's own sort of excitement, which is one of my favorite things about ag education! Which leads me to the title of this blog post (and my highlights of the week)...



After school on Monday, the FFA chapter set up shop in the cafeteria to make take and bake pizzas as a fundraiser. It was my first true FFA event and was a great way to see the members in action! It was amazing to see the FFA members from seventh graders to seniors work together to make over 500 pizzas, which received great reviews!



In addition to the horticulture class that I am intern teaching, I also started teaching vet science two weeks ago. On Thursday and Friday, students in vet science brought in five dogs to complete physical exams on. Not only did it bring some extra excitement into class, but also was a great way for the students to get hands-on experience with the material they learned in class.



I started observing the food science class this week which was great as they were finishing up their dairy unit. They made ice cream, cheese and yogurt this week and it was great to see to see the students' reactions to their creations and how they apply their knowledge of science to their food.



I'm just living the life.