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Conferences and other debacles

Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Feb 16, 2011

Okay -- not really.  But it could have been close...


Putting the finishing touches on a really hectic week.  Why are the ones with the least amount of teaching the most amount of work?


We participated in the 2011 Iowa Beef Expo (which is finishing up this weekend) Livestock judging contest.  I think the kids had a good time - pictures below.  We hosted the reasons out at the high school and I KNOW those kids had fun.  It looked to the untrained eye like a herd of schizophrenics robbed an RCC Western Store and were settled around our commons talking to themselves and gesturing wildly....

2011 Beef Expo 42.JPG

2011 Beef Expo 1.JPG


Horticulture had several labs, and Project Cupid went over well.  The kids arranged vases of dozen roses to sell to the staff members at the school at a fantastic savings.  Just tryin' to help out during these tough economic times.

Project Cupid 2011 16.JPG

Project Cupid 2011 5.JPG


Fetal Pig dissection in Animal science - CASE happened last week.  WE have moved into the circulatory system this week after looking at all the systems during that lab.

4.3.2 Fetal Pig 2011 03.JPG



PT Conferences were held, Monday and tonight and the only benefit to missing the State Wrestling tournament today and tomorrow is that we have no school on Friday.


Last thought for the day: Let the race be run, but when it's done -- let's all remember to have some fun. (I don't know --- seriously, I could fall outta my chair at any moment)


My 16 ton is about done this week --- hope yours is too.