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Publicize, Publicize, Publicize

Blog Post created by Jessica Fernandes on Feb 11, 2011

Good afternoon fellow bloggers,


Sorry for the delay in blogging but the time just seems to get away from me. Today I would like to talk about how important it is to get your program out in the public light, in the newspaper, on banners or by word of mouth - you've got to get the word out!! We all do soooooooo much in our classrooms, our after school programs and our extra or co-curricular activities. We care soooooooo much about the kids and providing them with every opportunity possible but on average we are very modest and do not see the benefits of publicizing all the good we really do.


The Buena Park High School Agriculture Program went from practically being shut down five years ago to being revived and thriving with two full-time agriculture teachers. The second one added this year in 2010 - which is during one of the worst budget crisis within the last fifty years.  We send every activity to the newspapers, we regularly publish items on our school marquee, we are constantly passing out recruitment brochures and flyers about things going on - just making every effort to get the word out!!!


The next piece of the puzzle is to put it in an NAAE application or the application at the state level.  Much of our success has come from our 2009 designation as the NAAE Outstanding Agriculture Program. People began to believe what we had been selling all along! This program is good for kids!! So whether it be the program applications or the teacher applications, fill them out!! Get over your modest self and brag!! Career Technical Education has always had its rocky road we have to promote our programs and our abilities to maintain POSITIVE VISIBILITY!! How can you ask for support when you don't tell people your here???


So the next time it is time to fill out an award application don't put it off, don't say I don't know what to say....right everything down, think about the great things you have done and get the recognition due to you and your program!! In the end all good press gets great results!!


If you would like to see our Outstanding Program Application or some of the things we do check out our website at


Also, attached is our recruitment brochure. Have a happy valentines day and president's holidays.


Jessica Fernandes