Kellie Claflin

It's Official!

Blog Post created by Kellie Claflin on Dec 14, 2010

Today I received the exciting news that I am going to be officially at Kiel High School next semester to fulfill my student teaching requirement for my agricultural education degree. I'm doing something a little bit unique with my student teaching, as I'm actually considered an "intern". I'll be teaching 1 block class by myself and have been essentially "hired" to teach that class and will be student teaching the rest of the day. As an intern, I went through a slightly different process then most student teachers in Wisconsin go through. As a student teacher you fill out paperwork and include areas that you would like to be placed and then our wonderful faculty members find an ag program that is a good fit for you. As an intern teacher, I went through the full application process a new teacher goes through complete interviews and being approved by the school board. It was definitely a neat experience to see what I'll be facing this spring as I start looking for a teaching job!


Now everything is seeming a bit more real. This morning the 10 student teachers at UW-River Falls had our student teacher meeting to find out more about what will be expected of us by the university next semester. Even though I've been at UWRF for 4.5 years, it still seems unbelievable that I'm done with my undergraduate classes and off to student teaching. It's a very surreal experience as I finish out my last week on campus writing papers and getting ready to move.


It's both scary and exciting as I prepare to move across the state, getting lessons ready and moving on to the new stage of my life!