Jacob Hathcox

Reflecting on my last semester...

Blog Post created by Jacob Hathcox on Dec 9, 2010

     Well it is almost Christmas break and I just finished up the last exam that I will ever take.  It is a refreshing feeling ,but also

a bittersweet one.  Im about to enter the work force as an agricultural educator.  I'm very anxious to see what student teaching

will bring my way next semester.  I have grown so accustomed to life as a student, and that time is almost up. YIKES!!! All joking aside

I really am excited to get in the classroom and begin filling minds with the knowledge that has been poured into me over the last 5 years.

Really not knowing what to expect has gotten me envisioning what it will be like.  This blog is a great opportunity for me because I can

look back hopefully five years from now and relize how different it is probally going to be (in a good way).  Well thats all for now, I hope each and

everyone of you has a great christmas break, sharing it with the ones you love, and celebrating the birth of the one who loved us above all else.


God Bless,


  Jacob Hathcox