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Blog Post created by Matt Eddy on Dec 8, 2010

Wether or not it's high practice, it is what it is.

Yesterday our fruit came in.  Today, in the midst of that chaos, I'm taking some time today for kids to work with their SAE records on the AET (Ag Experience Tracker).  It's a nice day to balance lots of different irons in the fire.  It allows me to work with kids individually, juggle the fruit issues, solve SAE interactions and even breathe a bit.  Students are updating entries, completing proficiencies, re-writing earlier entries, and putting little flags on google maps where their SAE"s are located.


Data is king, and until we as educators start taking the gathering of data seriously, it's hard for us to make headway with the decision and policy makers.  I think that our data can almost tell the ag ed story on it's own.


Some data that the AET will deliver to you. (This is still in the adoption process here at SE Polk, but the potential is out of this world)


Vender summary:

Dollars can be allocated to where they were spent -- Bass Pro, Farmers Coop, Heartland Coop, Prairie City Feed Center, etc etc.


Breakdown by Career Pathway:

Ag Business - 11%

Environ Systems - 5%

Natural Resources - 12%

Power Structure systems - 4%

Animal Science - 59%

Food Process Systems - 4%

Plant Systems - 8%


Program Summary -

Male - 45%

Female - 55%

9th Grade - 17% (still bringing them online)

10th Grade - 44%

11th Grade - 23%

12th Grade - 16%


Journal Hours so far this year (placement hours) - Jrn Hours: 2,974


And much, much more.


The more you have your students enter information that they would / should do for an SAE anyway - the better the chapter data you can get and use to better your programs.  Time to put the onus on the students for SAE success.


We have a good story to tell, and it's about time we started telling it.