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Blog Post created by Catherine DiBenedetto on Nov 30, 2010

A Day in the Life....If you want to be an AG Teacher in the Floriculture Industry, here is some perspective on what to expect during the month of December. An excellent fundraiser is having your students make and sell Fresh Evergreen Wreaths, Grave Blankets (Cemetery Mounds) and Fresh Evergreen Centerpieces. It is a huge undertaking and requires a great deal of organization, preparation and hard WORK, but also a great way to teach your students design skills, material selection, marketing and sound work ethic; while raising money that you can use to benefit your program. Here is what my 1st week of "Winter Holiday Production" looks like:


Monday - Check Greenhouses to assure proper temperatures to maintain poinsettias during sale time this month. Scout for Whitefly!  Cleanup Poinsettias for sale. Cleanup and organize floriculture lab. Unpack holiday supplies and decorations.

Tuesday- Consolidate plants in greenhouses and lab to clear area, take down and move hydroponics systems, move benches and set up area to make room for CITRUS FRUIT! Yes, that comes in this month too! Make BOWS.

Wednesday - Prepare Floriculture Lab for Winter Holiday Production of Fresh Evergreen Wreaths, Grave Blankets (Cemetery Mounds) and Fresh Evergreen Centerpieces. Receive first shipment of evergreens and supplies. Unpack, prepare and organize work stations for production. Wire Pine Cones. Make BOWS!

Thursday - Fresh Evergreen Wreath Demonstrations, Review and Production for Sale on Saturday! Wire more Pine Cones. Keep making BOWS!

Friday -  Continue Fresh Evergreen Wreath Production... did I mention a sale tomorrow!?  and by the way .... we need more BOWS! 

Saturday - SALE of Fresh Evergreen Wreaths and Poinsettias

.... and that is a rather slow week. Stay tuned for the rest of the month as orders keep coming in from the school district and local community.


Also, don't that National FFA Convention has past and we are in the swing of things back in the classroom, lab and greenhouses...... Remember to consider your own professional development opportunities. As AG Teachers we continuously focus on preparing our students for CDE's, degrees, proficiency awards and LIFE! We keep the candle burning at both ends while teaching, fundraising and planning engaging activities to attract and keep our students coming to FFA meetings. We also need to make and take the time to recharge ourselves. What better way than to attend the NAAE Convention. If you have not had the chance to travel without students, you are in for a treat or possibly you may be wondering why you are in bed before midnight! I was rather lost without them but is was well worth it! As a National Agriscience Ambassador, I had the opportunity to present workshops at the NAAE Convention in Tennessee last year and it was my first time at a NAAE Convention. I was very busy with my presentations, but in between sessions, I managed to attend several workshops and meetings. I met new people, networked and gained many new ideas to take back to my classroom and FFA Program. I highly recommend adding the next NAAE Convention to your list of things to do if you are not heading to Las Vegas this week.