Jesus Trujillo

Reasons for being an Ag Teacher

Blog Post created by Jesus Trujillo on Nov 26, 2010

10.  The opportunity to ease your mind by building personal projects or by helping students build projects in the shop.


9.  The opportunity to travel all over your state and country while attending FFA activities.


8.  The crazy opportunity of collecting things we would have never dreamed of collecting before: bugs, grasses, tree limbs, and even dead animals.


7.  The opportunity of staying in a variety of hotel rooms as we take our students all over our state and country.


6.  The opportunity of showing our competitive side while training Career Development Events.


5.  The opportunity to attend stock shows, work with students and their animals, and the opportunity to serve as Mini-Veterinarians.


4.  The opportunity to help out our homes and communities by providing amazing community service projects.


3.  The opportunity for making ourselves set goals and the opportunity of teaching students to set and accomplish goals.


2.  The continued opportunity to belong and participate in the National FFA Organization.


1. The greatest opportunity, the opportunity of working with "KIDS".


"Find a job you truly love, you will never work a day in your life."


"Surround yourself with positive people, and you yourself will be positive."