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Being me

Blog Post created by Kellie Claflin on Nov 10, 2010

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." --Oscar Wilde


One of the most important lessons that I've learned in college (and there have been plenty!) is the importance of being myself. In high school it was always a struggle between being who I was and who I thought people wanted me to be. Basically, I'm a girl that is passionate about agricultural education and communicating about the importance of the ag industry. I'm also not one to let opportunity pass me by. I'm a little silly, can be very serious at times and try to fit too many things into my schedule. At UWRF, I've been very lucky to have a group of friends (as well as advisors and staff) that accept me for who I am and push me to be better. They are always good for when I need to relieve stress or need a reality check.


That being said, I'll give you a little glimpse into the very exciting life of Kellie Claflin.


Monday - I have both a mutual love and hatred for Monday mornings. I've started every Monday this semester by working in our student center on campus from 7:30am to 10am which provides a good chance to get moving early in the morning. At 10 I have class about small groups and problem solving. After class, I had a couple hours free so I took the opportunity to go to the post office and grocery store and do a little studying. It also provided a opportunity for me to prepare for my content area reading class at 2:30 where I was presenting a lesson to my peers about turfgrass. I was a little nervous to present in front of my fellow classmates, but also excited for feedback. The lesson went off without a hitch, with minor technology issues (mainly operator error trying to use a projector ) and my classmates seemed to enjoy a stimulating lesson where they read about classifying turfgrass and used a guided notes page to record their thoughts. Whew! After class it was off to a work meeting, an hour break, then off to my Sigma Alpha meeting. Finally it was time for dinner with some friends and more studying!


Tuesday  - Started the day off by studying... did I mention I had an in-class paper and exam? Went to my English class at 9:30am and hopefully did a good job on an in-class paper we had to write. In the two hours before my next class, I managed to stop by the Ag Ed Office on campus and say hi to a few friends, eat lunch and study for my test on leadership at 12:30. My leadership class this semester has been one of my favorites because it has been full of rich information that applies to life, as well as providing really good in-class discussions with students from across the university. After I was done with my test, I headed over to the student center to work for a couple hours, then met with a group about a class project. After that I headed home and started figuring out what I needed to start on first from my to-do list. Luckily, I live with some awesome roommates that provide good comic relief, like random 9pm trips to the grocery store and watching really old country music videos.


Wednesday - After enjoying a couple slices of delicious cinnamin-raisin bread (a result of the random 9pm trip to the grocery store), I headed off to my small groups and problem solving class. Today we talked about conflict in groups and how it's not always a bad thing. Definitely a good lesson, no matter where you are in life. Then I worked at the student center and had a work eval before my content reading class. My education classes always get me fired up to get into the classroom, especially when we're learning great strategies to use. Today we discussed the importance of teaching students how to summarize and use graphic organizers. Since class has gotten out, I've been working on catching up on e-mails, organizing my calendar, and getting some homework done.


Never a dull moment, but always interesting! I'm trying to cherish this last month before I leave River Falls and go off to student-teach (location still TBD ). Patience is a virtue, right?