Kellie Claflin

Waiting to Jump In

Blog Post created by Kellie Claflin on Sep 29, 2010
As I start my last semester on campus, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on college and my decision to become an agricultural educator.

For a girl who grew up without one drop of desire of wanting to become a teacher, the times sure have changed. After taking a few middle school ag classes, I decided to combine my interest in communications and agriculture and become an ag journalist. However, as I took more ag classes I started to think about the possibility of becoming an ag teacher. By my senior year, I had made the decision to go to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for agricultural education.

I remember the excitement of starting college four years ago and meeting all the other ag ed majors. I joined Ag Ed Society and got involved with parliamentary procedure workshops and collegiate events at the National FFA Convention. My favorite college class was AGED 120: Orientation to Agricultural Education that I took my first semester of college. It was in that class that I knew that I was in the right place. Not only did I love everything that we learned about, but also met some of my best friends.

Now I'm getting ready to go into the real world and student-teach. I'm both really excited and really scared. Then I remember how my ag teacher and others that I've met over the years have impacted me and feel reassured. My student-teaching application is turned in and now I am just waiting to jump in.