Sara Cobb

A start to a new school year and positive change

Blog Post created by Sara Cobb on Sep 4, 2012

As the school year rapidly approaches, I am sitting in my classroom asin new teacher in the FFA program that I graduated from 11 years ago. It has been a long two months of organizing, painting, and rearranging to get to this point.... Where I can sit at a somewhat clean desk, gaze at freshly painted walls and newly hung bulletin boards. Granted, I have three more boards to do and I haven't planned the first day of school yet (which starts 2 days from now... 1 reaally since it is 3 pm). Instead of working on these things I have decided to spend the last few minutes in my classroom today to reflect upon how I got to this point, enjoy the moment, and envision this program in a year.


As a graduate, I see the positive effect the program has had on the community despite the struggles of the past few years. I would like to see the program referred to as the Woodstown Agricultural Education Department vs FFA. I keep telling staff that I do not teach FFA, I don't think that they understand thE difference. To solve this problem I have decided to make it a goal to re-brand the program this year. I have started with spreading the word with faculty and rearranging the classroom to become more student directed and academic oriented. I am particularly pleased with my bulletin board, which marries CDE sign ups with CTE and having good character. I am going to use this as a jumping off point with the students on Thursday. I will try to post a photo in the future. I am on my iPad at the moment and don't know how to do that!


Well, I'm off to the teacher supply store then back to work... I will keep this updated and post pics in the future.


P.S.- Anyone know how to type more easily on iPad? Maybe I should turn off auto correct?





here's a photo update of the classroom. I have also included a few photos of the students at work. So far it's been a great year!