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Presented by Zoetis, the Veterinarians on Call Youtube channel features real-life vets doing a variety of tasks.


Be sure to check out the "Veterinarians Explain use of Antibiotics" playlist to stay up to date with current anitbiotic issues in animal science.


Watch this and more Vets on Call videos.


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Meet Our Facilitators


Krista Pontius

Agriculture Teacher

Greenwood High School

Millerstown, PA


Facilitates: CDE Community


What do you love to teach? Environmental Science

Why do you love to teach? ​I love helping students find success! Having the opportunity to play a small role in my student's lives is the most rewarding part of my job. I really couldn't image doing anything else!

Best thing you've found on CoP: Endless classroom ideas!!! I love to search for specific curriculum topics and explore what others have shared.

Why did you volunteer to facilitate? I've been helped by so many teachers throughout my career, so it is my pleasure to help someone else.


To volunteer, contact CoP administrator Julie Fritsch, or learn more by reading this facilitator position description.

Welcome to Communities of Practice!

Communities of Practice is a professional networking site for agricultural educators managed by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. Its purpose is to create a common place for anyone who is interested in agricultural education to share ideas and resources.

Where should I post?

See the Places box to your left? Expand the Spaces menu (it should be expanded by default already). From there, click on view sub-spaces to see which communities fall under each category. If you would rather see all the communities and sub-communities as a list, check out this map. CoP Community Map

Apply for a NAAE Award!

NAAE maintains an extensive awards program to recognize the accomplishments of our many talented and dedicated members. We have awards for agricultural educators in every stage of their careers, from scholarships to lifetime achievement. We also manage grant programs for organizations who want to help support agricultural education and agricultural educators.

Applications are due May 15, 2016.

Apply for an award today!

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