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Vets on Call

At a feedlot for beef cattle in Nebraska, veterinarian Lynn Locatelli shows how they handle the large cattle with comfort and low stress, a model of animal husbandry. There, a cowgirl and cowboy empty a pen of cattle simply by walking back and forth in a driving maneuver without scaring or prodding the animals.


Watch this and more Vets on Call videos.


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Meet Our Facilitators


Jessie Hartle Lumpkins

Agriculture Teacher

McGavock High School, TN


As I was considering careers in high school, one of my favorite mentors said to me, ?Being an agriculture teacher is like being paid to be an FFA member.? They were right. Every day is something new! I love hanging out with my students all day; discovering, learning and crafting new realities for their future.


Facilitates: FFA

Best thing about CoP:

Making new friends then meeting them in person later! I have come to know so many people from across the country by first seeing their name on CoP, then meeting them at various professional development events throughout the year.

Why she volunteered: I am in the unofficial ?FFA Nerd Club? and volunteering to facilitate this community means I get to share that passion. I love connecting with FFA advisors and sharing ideas, so it seemed like a great way to do that and help others at the same time.


Resource in your community on CoP you would like to highlight: FFA Week Discussions and Ideas!


To volunteer, contact CoP administrator Julie Fritsch, or learn more by reading this facilitator position description.

Welcome to Communities of Practice!

Communities of Practice is a professional networking site for agricultural educators managed by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. Its purpose is to create a common place for anyone who is interested in agricultural education to share ideas and resources.

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