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        Meet Our Facilitators


        Kellie Claflin

        Agriculture Teacher

        Gillett High School, WI


        I love focusing on leadership and careers and helping students become better communicators.


        Facilitates: Marketing Your Ag Program

        Best thing about CoP:

        I truly enjoy being able to grab an idea from another teacher to implement in my classroom. As an early-career teacher, CoP has definitely saved me more than once! I also love to read the Day in the Life blogs to get an insight into other ag programs.

        Why she volunteered: As an FFA member and ag student Kellie was taught the importance of living to serve, and this is her way to give back to the ag education community.


        Resource in your community on CoP you would like to highlight: The PR resources from MAAE are phenomenal and filled with great and easy ideas to promote your ag program!


        To volunteer, contact CoP administrator Julie Fritsch, or learn more by reading this facilitator position description.

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        Welcome to Communities of Practice!

        Communities of Practice is a professional networking site for agricultural educators managed by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. Its purpose is to create a common place for anyone who is interested in agricultural education to share ideas and resources.

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