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How do we hold students accountable for practicing leadership?

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We've got the textbooks with the title of Leadership on the cover that walks students through every theory that exists, but how do we hold students accountable for practicing leadership? Where in your grading system does the box, number, icon, whatever, exist that identifies a student as practicing leadership? As I sit and reflect on the students I have been blessed with through the years, I can identify those that practiced leadership, whether for the greater good or for evil. I remember efforts to direct their influence but I’m at a loss to determine how I held any student accountable for at least attempting to practice leadership? I'm forced to face the harsh reality that I didn't. Sure, nearly every student was a dues paying FFA member but it was the usual 20% that did everything. Sure, when it came grading time I had no problem nudging those students I deemed leaders past a percentage mark if they need a bit of assistance. Sure, I used positive reinforcement to communicate when a student exhibited a positive leadership trait. But there was no real accountability! I dare say that we hold our students and FFA members accountable for their academic performance. But I struggle with the idea of lacing their leadership performance through that system of grading.  This is definitely one of those gray, subjective areas where we can get ourselves in a lot of trouble with students, parents, and administrators if we're not real careful and can objectively defend ourselves. So, how do you hold your students accountable for practicing leadership? Post your ideas, system, resources to share with all teachers struggling with this issue.

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    21st Century skills in Iowa have become a topic of conversation - those intangible skills that you mentioned above.  How we assess a students attainment of those skills is still anyone's guess.


    I think if we can instill a joy of education into our students - the leadership factor will naturally come about.  "Grades should be a by-product of learning; not the reason for it".  So I'm not in love with the notion of making them trapse thru more hoops for a grade or two.


    How often do we free students to choose how, what, and why they learn something?  Or in this case, practice their leadership skills?  In the classroom?  Are we too teacher centered to allow students to control the paradigms of their own education?  Students can't practice leadership (good or bad) when they are too busy being herded thru public education.


    Give students more freedom to control their world and the opportunity to practice their leadership; I fully believe they will rise to the likes you have never seen.

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