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Are you really as good as you think you are?

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When was the last time you really evaluated your teaching and program management practices? Not just some fluffy checklist your principal made you do or signing off on your annual evaluation for the district. I mean, when was the last time you took a good, hard look to see if you are really as good as you think you are?


There are a lot of tools out there to give you a snap shot of how well you’re doing, trainings to improve your technical skills, and industry tours to keep you connected to the high tech, high demand, high wage careers that are available for our graduates. Have you been taking advantage of them?


Schools about to end, you are about to take a deep breath before you head into summer activities such as state conventions, leadership and training camps, SAE visits, etc. Now is a great time to really take a good look at your teaching practices, department management skills, and where you can improve your approach so your students get the best possible experience when they walk through the agriculture department door.


In an effort help us all decide if we really are as good as we think we are, please share your best professional development experiences that impacted your classroom. We are all made better when we share impactful professional development with our peers. Be sure to visit the FFA Advisors Making a Difference portion of FFA Pulse for articles by fellow teachers regarding professional development and 8 great ways to recharge yourself this summer.

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